What To Wear For Your English Riding Lessons

What To Wear For Your English Riding Lessons

If you love horses and would like to learn how to ride them, you should first think about what you will be wearing. However, the most important part of your lesson does not need to cost you a lot of money. In this article, get tips on what to wear for your English riding lessons in Lutz so you can be better prepared.

The helmet is one of the most crucial parts of the riding accessory since a head injury during your lesson can be fatal. Most stables that offer horse riding lessons will provide adjustable helmets for rent. In the event of a fall, your helmet will be the only gear that will protect your skull after all.

Most beginner riders will experience falling off from the horse, but there is also the possibility of getting kicked or stepped on by the animal. This is why it is important to wear a helmet in order to avoid brain injuries. Most of the equipment and apparel are designed to protect your head and body so it makes sense to be fully prepared before you start your lesson at the equestrian center.

In the English riding stables, helmets are compulsory and most trainers insist of wearing them in the Western ones too. The deep bucket of the helmet provides adequate protection and is more likely to stay on your head than the bicycle helmets. You should only wear Western hats if you ride a horse for recreational purposes, however, for training purposes, you must wear the appropriate safety helmet.

The next item to buy or rent is a pair of boots. English-riding boots come in various styles that are both popular and traditional. Most English riders tend to wear knee-high leather boots, especially for training. But you can also opt for rubber boots. The ankle-high boots, which are referred to as pad-dock boots are just as popular and come in various styles.

Horse riding is a physical activity that is bound to make you perspire. Make sure you wear cotton clothing to stay dry and cool. To protect your skin from the sun, wear a long-sleeved shirt before you go to the equestrian center.

It is best to wear a shirt that covers your upper arms and shoulders in order to avoid skin cancer. Long, baggy shirts will not be suitable as they can get caught up on the stall latches or the saddle. You will be much safer in a well-fitted top that is properly tucked in. English riders typically wear breeches that are made from cotton and are very comfortable.

If you are a beginner rider, you will get lots of training from an experienced instructor until you are confident enough to ride on a horse. Lessons are typically one hour long and are focused on skill training. You can then progress at your own pace by learning how to develop a bond between you and the horse. The training usually starts with getting to know the animal before setting up the saddle and going for a ride.