What Industries Use the Screw Compressor?

What Industries Use the Screw Compressor?

Although many press reports about air compressors in recent years have focused on new markets for small and medium size screw compressors, traditionally they are mainly used by heavy industries and this continues to this day. If you want to buy a screw compressor then you can click this link.

Screw compressors are usually fixed machines and usually operate at a much higher level than the compressors available at your local hardware store. Some compressors operate using hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of horsepower and create pressure levels that far exceed non-industrial applications.

One industry that relies heavily on screw compressors is the oil and gas industry. These companies use very large compressors for various purposes. Almost all natural gas pipes are triggered using large-scale screw compressors, which are often operated by natural gas turbines.

These turbines are driven directly by natural gas pumped through pipes, so they can operate without additional external resources. Petroleum refineries and natural gas plants also tend to create large amounts of intermediate gas and end products in their various processes, all of which are also compressed using large-scale screw compressors.

Manufacture of screw compressors for the oil and gas industry is a special niche, with many companies making compressors exclusively for industry and this need.

Screw compressors are also used in various industrial and manufacturing applications, where the use of pneumatic tools is more efficient than other options. Almost every large production plant has one or more screw compressors that are used to power various tools and systems in a factory.