What Do You Need To Know About SEO

What Do You Need To Know About SEO

It's no hidden fact that the drastic changes witnessed in the online business world are a result of SEO. In fact, so much has changed to the extent that search engines are being adjusted to become more focused on the needs of the consumer than the provider. It therefore goes unsaid that your best shot at getting the most from SEO is by gaining a deeper understanding of how it works, this includes knowing as much about SEO as possible. After all, knowledge is power. The following read offers quality information on some of the things you probably never knew about SEO.

For those who still don't understand what SEO is about here's an insight. SEO is basically the use of keywords, good content among other techniques with the aim of improving a site's ranking in search engines. The keyword refers to the words you type on the search bar whenever you are looking for information. Once you type the words, the search engine crawls through sites with the specific keywords, indexes them and provides you with results based on the quality of the sites. This is why you get one site at the top and another on the last page.

What you didn't know about SEO

1. Always keep it short and simple– As much as you would like to provide and intriguing and captivating title to your article, keep in mind that search engines do not have the time to figure out the pun or the joke. Therefore, you need to create a title that tells what your article is about in the fewest words possible.

2. Bold text does help– Once again, search engines always go for information that stands out, using bold texts for keywords and important terms increases your chances of being ranked higher on the result page and being recognized as an authority on the particular field.

3. Keywords alone are not the answer- For a successful SEO, you need a blend of methodologies including link building and content creation just to mention a few. Therefore, focusing on keywords alone does not guarantee you better rankings on search engines.

3. No one can guarantee you the top spot- Regardless of how impressive of professional a SEO company may appear, you should never forget that getting the top spot takes some time and work even the best SEO blog https://seounfolded.com knows this. Therefore when a SEO company gives you such a promise, you are better off searching for another company otherwise you'd be flushing your money down the toilet.

4. It's not all about page rank- As much as the SEO concept revolves around promoting sites to higher ranks, it is important to realize that SEO goes far beyond just page ranking, it's also about the conversion rate. There's no use of getting the top spot if you do not have what it takes to convert the high traffic in to sales?

SEO may be the best thing that ever happened to the online world; however it can also be a curse if you blindly use it without the right information. Hopefully the above read has given you a better insight of what SEO is all about