Website Design In Seattle – Logos And Branding

Website Design In Seattle – Logos And Branding

If your website is created as an extension of your stick and brick shop, you most likely have a brand recognized by the community you serve, as well as a logo that people know and identify as distinctly yours.

On the other hand, if you are just opening the doors to your new business venture, you may not have secured your niche just yet. You can also get the best services of logo and brand design via

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Whether you have a live location or simply run your business online, creating a company personality is critical-this is branding your business and creating your logo.

Create Your Brand

Just as important as your business plan and budget is your company's image. Ask yourself:

  • What does my business stand for?
  • What values do I want to exude?
  • What feelings do I want to evoke in people who see my website, storefront, etc.?
  • What are the most important parts of what I do, of my goods and services?

These are the basics of branding. The answers to these questions will help determine the colors and style of your logo and website design-the two biggest features of your business identity and your brand.

Logo Design

Think about the logos you see every day. The best ones are those you immediately recognize and instantaneously connect with a company. We all know the golden arches and the white swooshes.

It will definitely take time to achieve brand recognition with your logo, but with some ideas in mind, you can begin determining the elements and colors you want to be incorporated into the design.