Travel Like a Backpacker & Save Money

Travel Like a Backpacker & Save Money

Courtesy- thebestsingapore

Backpackers live the dream. They travel the world and get to see all the beauty different countries have to offer. Though their lifestyle can be a little extreme, you can also live like them and travel to many countries. Here’s how you can do it-

Plan Like Backpacker – Backpackers know what destination they are going to go next, and they meticulously plan for it. They plan every aspect of the trip from travel to food and stay. This is one of the major reasons why they manage to travel all around the world. 

Budget Like a Backpacker – This is the most important thing to do. Many people think that backpackers are rich people who have a lot of money and hence can afford to travel. This is not true. Backpackers do not have a lot of money and most of them manage to get buy because of budgeting trips. So, make smart budgets for every aspect of the trip. 

Pack Like a Backpacker – Backpackers are expert packers. You will rarely see a backpacker with a lot of luggage. The reason is they have to carry this stuff around so they know how to pack only the essentials and how to pack them smartly so they do not take up a lot of space.  

Stay Like a Backpacker – Backpackers know the best places to stay that is not heavy on the pocket, and yet comfortable. Most backpackers stay in hostels, and you should too as they are good places to stay on a budget. 

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