Queries To Ask A Possible Kona Coffee Wholesale Dealer

Queries To Ask A Possible Kona Coffee Wholesale Dealer

Before establishing any business, it is vital to find and vet possible suppliers before choosing one. Particularly, finding credible distributors of coffee is a challenge since it is among the most expensive and rare brands. Several online and physical suppliers sell blended products that are labeled original. Even though it can be difficult to recognize a fake seller, there are some questions which could help in identifying the right kona coffee wholesaler.

The first question should be related to the operation period. How long has the supplier been in the distribution market. If one has been there for more than five years, then chances of them being trustworthy are high. However, this does not mean that a recent seller cannot be contracted. They are more likely to sell original beans since they have not mastered the art of blending. Even so, if looking for a long term engagement, an old vendor is more reliable than a new one.

Beans are categorized into various grades such as high, average, and least quality. If individuals want to deal with high-end products, they must be sure that a contracted wholesaler can supply that. Therefore, it makes sense to ask a supplier about the grades they offer. If they do not sell your preferred products but promise to source for you, deal with another seller.

It is advisable to inquire about the frequency of shipping for two reasons. First, this is an indicator of how established the business is. If a business ships beans more frequently, then you may rely on them. Secondly, the frequency of the shipments helps you decide whether your schedule will be affected or not. Also, find out what happens in case of any shipment delays.

The most reliable way of ascertaining the quality of beans is through tasting. For this reason, ask whether the supplier provides some sample products for tasting. A reliable vendor should offer this willingly and confidently. Even if you cannot tell original from fake beans by tasting, the confidence with which a distributor provides the samples is enough proof of quality.

You may also inquire about additional services provided to support your commercial. It could be in the form of training or consultation. Even though other companies can offer these services, it is best to work with a supplier because they understand their products more. They are also likely to provide better services because they know it is vital for their existence.

Find out whether a chosen distributor has references that could be reached out to back them up. A confident seller should provide contacts willingly or even take you to specific customers. Else, you could skim through customer reviews on their social media pages or website. If you notice hesitance, the seller could be hiding some information.

Always be keen on non-verbal cues such as facial expression because they tell a lot. While communicating, if a supplier cannot look at you directly, they may be lying. Avoid traders who thrive in bad-mouthing other business people in the same industry.