Interesting Facts About Thai Cooking classes

Interesting Facts About Thai Cooking classes

There are many kinds of Thai delicious food and dishes. Thai food is enjoyed by people of all regions due to their amazing taste.

The five basic flavors integrated added in all of the dishes, Thailand has rich cultural heritage through its delicious dishes which are simply amazing.

But no matter how much knowledge you have about the Thai food culture, it is always good to add up something fresh to your learning every day.

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The most common thing you'd hear from Thai people is, "Gin Khao Yung" – if you have eaten yet. 'Pad Thai' and'Tom Yum Goong', stir-fried noodles and shrimp soup, are two very popular foods from Thailand which are found throughout the world.

The Thai nation uses mainly grilled and fried meals in their dishes. When in Thailand, you cannot enjoy your dish. Thai people consider it bad luck. Anything you eat, if in little portions or big, if you're sitting in a group, you need to discuss your dish with your partners.

Thai people are in love with rice so that they use rice flour and coconut to cook the special desserts rather wheat flour, or oil. They use chopsticks for eating noodles. It is amazing to know that Thai people use a fork to push the food into the spoon.