Important Things To Get In Writing When Working With A Roof Contractor

Important Things To Get In Writing When Working With A Roof Contractor

If you own a home, then you’ll definitely need to hire a roofer at some point in time. Even as the roof is undeniably one of the most important structures on any building, it also sustains the greatest amount of wear and tear. It is subject to direct exposure to the elements, and it often collects a lot of heavy and damp debris. This surface can become home to mold growths, moss, and mosquitoes, and yet still it must endure. Fortunately, roofers can make sure that your roof stands the tests of time. However, when hiring a roof contractor in Pensacola locals need to make sure that they get a few important things in writing.

One of the first written documents that you should ever see from this professional is the certificate of insurance providing that this entity has general liability. Make sure that the limits for this coverage are sufficiently high for protecting your best interests. This is especially important to do if you are hiring a roofer on behalf of a business.

The professionals in this industry never start their work until they have issued contracts that detail the nature of the work to be done and all of the related specifications. This document is generated to ensure that everyone has clear and feasible expectations. Without it, you and your roofing company might reach a point of disagreement, and you’ll have no legally binding proof to back up your claims or concerns.

Contracts should detail the specifications for both labor and materials. This is the only way for you to get a truly transparent and comprehensive breakdown of your materials costs, and the costs for all other job elements. When material costs are broken down, the specifications for each item purchased should be listed. This will ensure that you are always getting exactly what you pay for.

The nature of your contract will be different for each job type that you choose. You can hire these professionals to repair your existing roof, tear down your old one, or install one brand new. The more complex that the project will be; the more detailed this document should be as well. The more that you get in writing, the better legal and financial protection you’ll ultimately have. Remember, roof replacements and installations are among some of the most costly repair projects that most homeowners will ever invest in.

Everyone of these documents should have a clearly written out guarantee on the quality of work performed or the customer’s satisfaction. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions of this protection to know exactly what types of damages are covered. Keep in mind that they state maintains basic minimums concerning the amount of time that companies and contractors must repair damages to a newly installed roof.

Find out whether this work will be handled entirely by the company you have hired, of if any part of the process will be outsourced. Working with an established business that has sufficient manpower and equipment on its own is generally best. This will allow for a higher level of quality control, and fewer labor-related delays.

It might seem like a relatively minor thing, but you may want a provision in your contract for portable toilets. This way, workers will not have to enter your home in order to relieve themselves during the course of your project. Finally, make sure that in tear-down projects a provision has been made to clean up and haul all of the resulting materials away.