How To Treat Mastitis in Cows?

How To Treat Mastitis in Cows?

Farmers and veterinarians must have the ability to track which animals are transported or sold to other farms or enter processing centres. If you own a farm, it is important for you to purchase an Animal identification system to track every animal you have.

It is very important to trace infected cows if there is a disease epidemic on your farm. The Animal Health Inspection Service has just released a revised rule on the traceability of animal diseases.

It is very important for farmers and veterinarians to identify any inflammation in cows and treat them as soon as possible. If certain animals are infected they can trace the route back and protect other animals of the same type.

mastitis in cows

The veterinarian can then determine whether these animals need to be examined, treated, or even quarantined to prevent the spread of additional diseases. It can also be used to measure an animal's body condition score and which can help in breeding.

Although this is an additional step that farmers must take, and additional forms of documents that must be kept, this is a very important step in securing the protection of our food sources.

All animals must have a medical certificate or veterinary inspection certificate until they travel across national lines.

This is the type that verifies that veterinarians check animals and find no external indications of interference before they leave their "home" farm. Some countries require additional blood tests before letting these animals enter the country.

This evaluation must be carried out before the animal leaves and the results recorded on health certification. You can read this post to find out more about animal identification.