HCG Allowed Food For People On A Diet

HCG Allowed Food For People On A Diet

Dieting is something that people always talk about, which is a good thing. Being on a diet does not only mean that you need to lose weight in order to look good, it is more about making sure that you are healthy. If you want to lose weight, but have not found the perfect strategy yet, then you might want to consider the HCG allowed food diet.

Many people have many questions about this type of diet. Not many about this diet, which is why a lot of people are curious about it, whether it will be effective, safe, etc. This form of dieting has already been around since the 1950s. This was when Dr. Simeon released a manuscript about it, calling it Pounds and Inches, which promotes the people to do something about their increasing weight.

HCG has a very specific rules on what you cannot and can eat. It warns you to stay away from vigorous exercise, which makes it unique from other protocols. The level of difficulty for this is only fair, and many individuals who have tried this did confirm indeed that this is effective and it has helped them be in the shape they wanted.

As mentioned above, this was specifically laid. You can only see a few phases, which ensures that you will lose a huge amount of your weight, and in just a short amount period of time. You have four phases for this, and each phases has its own rules and its own the list on what sort of food can you only eat.

The crucial part here is getting your daily HCG. The amount could be different, and that will depend on a few factors, which includes your BMI and weight. This needs to be taken on a daily bases in the two phases. You may take this in different ways, but drops and injections are more popular. Prescription is needed if you want to use injection while drops are available in homeopathic and prescription varieties.

The first phase of HCG is to eat all the food you like for a few days. This is so you can refill the fat reserves in your body. This may feel like counterintuitive, however, dieters will not be able to do this diet without doing this phase first. Second phase is low portion of calorie. There is a 500 calorie plan you must follow for this.

Third phase is the stabilization phase. During this, you may slowly add in new foods, but you must avoid sugar and starch. Fourth phase is the maintenance phase in which you are once again reintroduced to sugar and carbs, returning you to the real food world. This can simply repeat this diet if you need to lose more weight. Just make sure you start eating your usual habit again once it is done.

Of course, once you get back with your regular eating habits, there is a big chance that you would gain some weight again, which is why you must reevaluate your ways to move in a more healthy way. However, it does not mean to eat the same way in the phases again, just make sure you are eating the right amount of food.

The foods you may eat when you are on HCG are chosen based on their sugar, carbohydrate, and fat amounts. For this, you only need to 200 grams of protein each day. You will only have two meals daily, during the lunchtime, and dinnertime. You could only drink lots of coffee, tea, and water during the 500 calorie phase.