Effective Dry Eye Treatment

Effective Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome is actually incurable but can be managed with proper dry eye care. This syndrome often causes itching and burning in the eyes and can be somewhat removed with certain drugs such as artificial tears and eye drops.

Wearing sunglasses while outdoors helps keep materials carried by the wind from the eyes and removes dryness.

Even certain foods such as fish and supplements such as cod liver oil can reduce eye dryness. You can browse https://www.drdorioeyecare.com/dryeyes/ if you're looking for dry eye care treatment.

Some relief for dryness can be lowered when a small insert is placed right inside the eyelid. This insert then continuously releases the lubricant so that the eyes remain moist throughout the day.

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Free-swelling eye drops are only effective if they contain artificial tears. Some of these drugs will reduce redness but will not help provide moisture to the eye itself.

It is always recommended to consult an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist before using any type of eye medication, especially over-the-counter medicines.

Further eye damage can be done if the wrong drug is used for a certain period of time. Trained professionals know what to look for and what to prescribe for dry eye syndrome.

They are also trained to give advice to people who wear contact lenses and to suggest the best treatment options for them.

If dry eye conditions are caused by environmental factors, there are several simple ways to reduce their severity.

Exposure to outdoor elements can be reduced by wearing eye protection such as sunglasses or glasses. To add additional protection, foam inserts can be used on the side of the glasses to prevent particles from entering behind the lens.