Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Promotes Water Conservation

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Promotes Water Conservation

When you think about eco-friendly carpet cleaning, you most likely think about how they use toxic chemicals to clean your carpet fibers. While this is true, a greater advantage for environmentally friendly carpet service is the fact that they promote water conservation.

Waste factor

Freshwater is important, but it is one of the resources most frequently wasted. Traditional carpet cleaning requires a minimum of 40 gallons just to clean the whole house and the remaining part of the water soaked into the carpet. You can get earth-friendly carpet cleaning services from professionals.

A carpet of this house should not be sopping wet to be cleaned. In fact, the carpet has a higher probability of dirtiness faster if soaked during the cleaning process.

Environmentally friendly cleaning services can provide steam to clean, but used anywhere from a quarter to half of the number of traditional water.

Furthermore, when the traditional carpet cleaning methods are used, only half of the water used to clean the carpet is actually sucked back into the machine and is immediately discarded.

Water conservation

Traditional carpet cleaners that use heavy, foaming cleanser require extra water to rinse and remove the chemicals from your carpet fibers. Since this carpet cleaner able to pull back all the water they place on the carpet, they will leave the remnants of chemicals in your carpet fibers remain.