Children at Risk For Mesothelioma Cancer

Children at Risk For Mesothelioma Cancer

In late 2007, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) found asbestos-tainted toys had reached the shelves of thousands of toy stores across the country.

Most notably, the CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit, which was made in China, had been found to contain asbestos in its white and glow powder. You can also look at this website to know more about mesothelioma cancer.

While the creation of this toy has stopped, a post from The New York Times in April 2008 surfaced about the close forgotten incident.

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The ADAO has filed a suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court from CBS Corporation, Planet Toys Inc. (producers of this CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit) and many retailers due to their participation in the sale of their asbestos-tainted toy.

Families affected by the toy that is contaminated should also look at developing lawsuit for the vulnerability of"substantial amounts of tremolite asbestos"

The ADAO has also continued its own testing of different products and discovered several including asbestos, such as added children's toys.

ADAO is an organization that uses volunteers, many of whom have been influenced directly by asbestos-related disorders or have watched family and friends suffer from the ailments, such as mesothelioma.

The ADAO functions as an asbestos watchdog even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) actually modulates legalities of asbestos violations.