Asthma Symptoms And Treatment Goal

Asthma Symptoms And Treatment Goal

What causes asthma?

It was determined that asthma affects now one of 15 children in North America and is the most common chronic disease among young people. This condition is the result of chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes in the lungs. When these tubes become sensitive to certain allergens or irritants, they overreact and swell. When exposed to these irritants, inflammation of the tubes will eventually constrict breathing.

There are several causes of this disease. In addition to allergies, asthma may be related to stress, or weight-related. The highest stress levels in the body tend to change the immune system and cause inflammation over the passage of air. There are certain treatment or Asthma medication list available one can follow to overcome.

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There are several common symptoms that indicate a person has this disease, but it can vary from person to person. They are shortness of breath, wheezing with his whistling or hissing during breathing, coughing and chest tightness. They tend to show up with excessive exercise, cold air or overnight.

The asthma treatment goal

Regarding the diagnosis, the number one problem of this disease is that it looks like many other respiratory and cardiac conditions. There are many common drugs that are commonly given in this case. But the drugs still show a better result when administered individually.

After a physical examination to find the severity of attacks and medical history to the list of possible triggers, the doctor will plan a long-term treatment medicine to take on a daily basis. The drugs should be closely monitored by your doctor. So tell your doctor about the good reactions or bad side effects as it arrives.